Come Conigli - Like Rabbits

concept and choreography Paola Bianchi
original music Fabio Barovero, Gionata Bettini
lighting design Paolo Pollo Rodighiero
production Agar
in collaboration with Santarcangelo 07 International Festival of the Arts, Velvet Factory, Giardini Pensili, centrale FIES, Città di Ebla
thanks Giacomo Sega, Leandro Lotti, Katjuscia Fantini, Ivan Fantini

if number is order… and if everything is established by number, everything is order.                                                                         Pythagoras

Come Conigli project is based on Fibonacci series (1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144 233 377 610 987 1597 2584 4181 6765…) and the golden section.

Fibonacci series is a rapid progression toward the infinity, like a continuous and inexorable rise upward; the golden section’s process of growth is constantly similar to itself; the golden proportion proceeded from these two phenomenon is an irrational, unpronounceable, crazy and inebriating number. These characteristics fascinated and conquered me.

Come Conigli will provide a lot of different public visions that will be used for the creation of a new performance.
During a new creation it happens to have some “visions”. When I’m studying, thinking, sleeping some images come out. I write them and, when I work on dramaturgy, I use them. They become materials, images to be transformed during rehearsals. This time I’d like to present these “visions” in front of an audience. It’s quite as if I opened my notebook, but this time visible and realized.

The visions – catalogued according to Fibonacci series – will be strictly connected to the places. The visions could be developed in various expressive languages (video installations, sound installations, performances with one, two or three dancers). The visions will be performed in unusual spaces, theatrical or not.

The combination of the visions creates a place outside the place, obscene for its being outside the scene.

visione irrazionale # 1
on stage Matteo Garattoni, Valentina Bravetti
perfection/imperfection, precision/vagueness, order/ruin.

visione irrazionale # 1
on stage Matteo Garattoni
with the participation of 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 people
Golden rectangle, organic flatting, homologation.
The immovable, coagulated space, cut with precision becomes a closed space, visible in its every point. A constantly examined and controlled man, made with strengths tactics, acephalous - without head - without face - therefore Anonymous. A research about manipulated body.
Obscene– out of the scene – multitude.

visione irrazionale # 2
on stage Leonardo Diana
Real motion/apparent motion. A Stillstand which is threshold between immobility and movement. Vitality of movable immobility. Distorted, diverted, deflected visual perception.

visione irrazionale # 3 
on stage Matteo Garattoni
Movement arranged in numerical order. Order in chaos. inner forces that carve,  that compress the shapes - completed forces.
Human been, measure of everything, which symbol was explicated in Leonardo da Vinci’s Uomo Vitruviano lost his sense of being. The harmonic equilibrium is vanished.

visione irrazionale # 5
on stage Valentina Buldrini
Inner forces decompose movement. Breakage, undoing. Impossibility to stay, here, now.
5, the number of Christ sores.

visione irrazionale # 8 
on stage Alessandro Bedosti
Permanent, omnipresent surveillance. Videosurveillance – asymmetric sight system.
To catalogue, to classify, to file the actions. We are neither actors nor spectators, we are living in a “Panopticon” machine. Loneliness is the first condition for submission.

visione irrazionale # 13
on stage Valentina Bravetti
Caducity, static fall. Fallen angel.

visione irrazionale # 21
on stage Elisa Depentor/Giulia Di Giannatale 
Innocent perfection

visione irrazionale # 34
on stage Valentina Bravetti
Aware imperfection. Inner forces that they tear to pieces, that bite like dogs, that crumble the shapes.

visione irrazionale # 55
on stage Alessandro Bedosti
iconic preparation to de-flight

visione irrazionale # 89
on stage Alessandro Bedosti
athletic preparation in possible/impossible liberation from the matter.

visione irrazionale # 144
offended identity

visione irrazionale # 233
on stage Paola Bianchi
post-morten of the image in a latrine

visione irrazionale # 377
crushed image

visione irrazionale # 610
raped identity