imposizione verticale

by and with Paola Bianchi
thanks to Ivan Fantini
production Adius, Agar  
collaboration to production Blusuolo

We are meat, we are potential carcasses. If I go into a butcher’s shop I always think it’s surprising that I wasn’t there instead of the animal.                                            Francis Bacon

the closed room.
installation of a body forced into a place had on loan.
the white room.
aseptic, tiled room. slaughter house’s working block.
        slaughter house’s modernity
no gleam of darkness is permitted, no outer air is allowed.
the colour of flesh stands out in the white without injuring the whiteness around.
flesh does not undo, compact, it consents to stay in the structure containing it, the skin.
undergone violence, violence created as a reaction.
viscera’s silent rumour.
        slaughtered thing’s modernity. 

SINESUIDE imposizione verticale from paola bianchi on Vimeo.