Paola Bianchi belongs to a generation of authors of contemporary dance that is placed between the so-called "pioneers" of the eighties and the palingenetic exponents of the nineties. Probably for this reason, since the beginning, the absence of the renunciation of movement and the iconoclasm of the end of the Millennium coexist in her corporeity and in her research in an artistically relevant way.
Involved in every medium offered by the contemporary art scene, she has never allowed herself to be trapped in the spirals of fashions and rhetoric, always strongly asserting the political value of the dancing body.
After exploring muscular contradictions, which gave shape to the relationship between the desire to move and paralysis imposed by power, Paola Bianchi has made impediment her aesthetic signature, culminating in concrete images of more or less symbolic cages or cold anatomical tables, where she interrogates the positive, although sometimes painful, energy of life.
Having left the limelights of theatre and dance festivals for a few years, she has recently returned with a positive project, which makes the encounter with others the nourishment of a necessary artistic energy. Unravelling among modular stage formats that extend the possibility of making the performance an experience, even before being a product to be consumed, Paola Bianchi today dances with a transparent body of powerful quality, the bearer of a luminous presence because it derives from a lucid perceptive awareness, capable of translating onto the scene the pertinent features of a new cognitive aesthetic and - to use a tense oxymoron - of a rational emotion.
                                                                                    Alessandro Pontremoli