by and with Paola Bianchi
text Emanuele Tonon – excerpt from Il nemico
voice Paola Bianchi
sound elaboration Fabio Barovero, Paola Bianchi
lighting Paola Bianchi, Chiara Girolomini
photography Valentina Bianchi
production Agar
thanks to Francesco Renzi, Federico Dalpiaz, Francesca Divano, Natalia Zarzecka
thanks to Ivan Fantini for the words spoken
thanks to Emanuele Tonon for the written words

I read about them, I feel them around me - wasted and exhausted bodies, consecrated to the effort. My glance touches them while absorbed by the difficulty of their day, by blasphemy, by their being nothing, by the slowness of their pace. It smells rotten, the vomit foretelling the end. I sense the bare, essential language of those bodies.
And in the given space I invest my body with a continuum of harmoniously sclerotic gestures, with a mute grimace, suspended between revealing and retaining.
A linear dramaturgy has been broken down and recomposed by following an illogical sequence.
A stupendous heresy which raises nothing.
A claim for mercy with no intentions.

ERBARME DICH develops through the asphyxiation of our constrained everyday life.