concept, choreography, dance Paola Bianchi
light design Paolo Pollo Rodighiero
sound processing Paola Bianchi
thanks to Ivan Fantini
production PinDoc
in collaboration with AGAR
with the support of Mibact and Regione Sicilia

The headlong stream is termed violent, but the river bed hemming it in is termed violent by no one
Bertolt Brecht

Five characters performed by one dancer. Five figures find the ultimate sense of their actions through a non-allowed condition: simultaneity.
The choreography arises from the study of five female figures of Italian contemporary literature (La vita accanto by Maria Pia Veladiano, La compagnia del corpo by Giorgio Falco, Volevo essere una farfalla by Michela Marzano, Sangue del suo sangue by Gaja Cenciarelli, Anatomia della ragazza zoo by Tenera Valse). Five different women; they could know each other but they’ll never meet each other. Victims of domestic violence, victims of imposed beauty standards, victims of dissatisfaction and boredom, victims of urban decay, aware or unaware victims.
The extreme solitude of the subject is placed in a situation of fictitious communion, where each figure perceives the surroundings without experiencing any sense of company.
scoreforfive  develops only on abscissa of space: time – because of lack of contemporaneity of the actions – cannot be a determinant element. The choreography develops like a horizontal line, a planimetry. There isn’t a before or an after; the five actions are linked up through a spatial connection. Lights and sounds have their own way, totally independent from the action. No sound and no change of light - except for darkness at the end – are connected to the dramaturgy. Action, sound and light go on three parallel and independent lines. Perception without experience, individual community. A paradox of oxymoron.