choreography and dance paola bianchi
text and reading ivan fantini
music fabio barovero
production FC@PIN.D’OC
coproduction Il Triangolo Scaleno / Teatri di Vetro
in collaboration with AGAR
with the support of Mibact and Regione Sicilia

Where does a stone come from? How deep is a stone? Which kind of beautiful there’s inside a stone? Its being alone, its being at the mercy of any current is not caused by abandon or surrender but is a peculiar orphaned condition; all stones are orphans, adopted without their approval.
                                                   ivan fantini educarsi all’abbandono

PROVE DI ABBANDONO dwells places (private apartments, shared or abandoned places), it doesn’t cross spaces.

PROVE DI ABBANDONO needs proximity, prefers a close sight, an intimate contact with the viewer. The choreography develops inside the body, inside muscles and skeleton. A body in a closed space, a postural choreography, a full of power, focused on details, precise, tiny choreography – and the borders of the action place get lost in the sight place.

The novel educarsi all’abbandono by Ivan Fantini generated some images that it was impossible to hold back. Images became movement, that movement needed words and those words wanted sound: PROVE DI ABBANDONO was born in this way.

PROVE DI ABBANDONO from paola bianchi on Vimeo.