action for body and voice 
choreography and dance paola bianchi
text and reading ivan fantini
music fabrizio modonese palumbo
canvas andrea chiesi
thanks to fferrarinirsm
residence SPAM!
production PinDoc
in collaboration with AGAR
with the support of Mibact and Regione Sicilia

ph. Katjuscia Fantini

I, human being of human race, am the stateless person, the exile, the being body without being…
                              Ivan Fantini animanimale _ apologia di un genere umano

The word animanimale is the contraction between two italian words: anima (soul) and animale (animal).
d'animanimale _ action for body and voice originates from the words and the images of animanimale _ apologia di un genere umano, a book by Ivan Fantini - writer and Andrea Chiesi – painter, published by Barricate.
d'animanimale is a hybrid performance, a mix of narration and contemporary dance, text and body, listening and sight, where Andrea Chiesi’s canvas and Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo’s music are matters that indissolubly tie narration and dance.
d'animanimale needs proximity, prefers a close sight, an intimate contact with the viewer. A postural choreography, a full of power, focused on details, precise, tiny choreography. The choreography develops inside the body, inside muscles and skeleton, it’s a kind of anatomical dance and the viewer can chase a flux of tension and at the same time can focus its attention on a small detail. Every spectator can cause a personal dance of the viewer. A movement of your eyes can discover a tiny part of the body or look at the total; you can move your eyes on the lines of the body or look for the distance.
The book animanimale _ apologia di un genere umano by Ivan Fantini and Andrea Chiesi generated some images that it was impossible to hold back. Images became movement, that movement needed words and those words wanted sound: d'animanimale _ action for body and voice was born in this way.

a relationship between word and body, text and movement, poetical word and choreography

ph. Enea Tomei

the book

the canvas

the performance