a solo quintet
by and with Paola Bianchi
lighting Paolo Pollo Rodighiero
sound processing Paola Bianchi

photography Valentina Bianchi
thanks to Ivan Fantini, Stefano Murgia, Francesca Divano, Chiara Girolomini, Valentina Bianchi, 

Movimento Centrale, Santarcangelo •12 •13 •14 Festival Internazionale del Teatro in Piazza
production FC@PIN.D'OC
in collaboration with AGAR
with the support of Mibact and Regione Sicilia

The headlong stream is termed violent, but the river bed hemming it in is termed violent by no one.                                                                                                              Bertolt Brecht 

To create WITHOUT – a score for five female dancers – I focused my research on an oxymoron: individual collectivity. The condition of forced isolation of the subject in action creates an unbalanced perception to its being part of a community in action. Five figures find the ultimate sense of their actions through a non-allowed condition: simultaneity.
As a condition that is physically unreachable, but potentially realized through the eyes of the viewer, WITHOUT takes its place in utopia as opposed to ongoing dystopia. The extreme solitude of the subject is placed in a situation of fictitious communion, where each figure perceives the surroundings without experiencing any sense of company.

WITHOUT is a performance created for five dancers.
I’m alone on stage.                                                                                

      NOTE *
The inception of WITHOUT was the urgency to create a performance for five female dancers, a choreography that could let me develop a complex relation in space. The impossibility to deal with a production with a lot of people on stage because of lack of funds, led me to create a choreography for five dancers and reduce the workforce to one person: me. On the one hand WITHOUT is a condemnation of difficulties connected to indigence of italian culture, on the other hand it concerns an isolation inside the collectivity or, better, an absent collectivity.
The choreography arises from the study of five female figures of contemporary literature, that I chose because of their peculiarities: normalities. The study started from their features/normalities to develop in a remote relation with one and others. The differentiation of figures and the use of space are very important. Two phases: the study of peculiar motion to every figure, and space-time structuring of every single action. The hopeless contemporaneity doesn’t have to permit cancellation of other figures and doesn’t have to forget position of every dancer in every moment. The dramaturgy concentrates on two different levels: to sketch out precise characteristics of every single figures, and to control the complex relation between the five figures. At the same time it cannot ignore the visual linearity of the performance. Every figure changes her role during the performance: from subject in action to memory object of the following figure and the preceding figure and, of course, of the audience. Perception without experience, individual collectivity. A paradox of oxymoron.
      * Excerpt from CORPO POLITICO by paola bianchi, Editoria & Spettacolo, autumn 2013

The dramaturgy of WITHOUT develops only on abscissa of space: time – because of lack of contemporaneity of five actions – cannot be a determinant element. The choreography develops like a horizontal line, a planimetry. There isn’t a before or an after; the five actions are linked up through a spatial connection. Lights and sounds have their own way, totally independent from the action. No sound and no change of light - except for darkness at the end – are connected to the dramaturgy. Action, sound and light go on three parallel and independent lines.

WITHOUT is the first step of utopian creation project UNTITLED _ WITHOUT TITLE | WITHOUT RIGHTS.