five choreographers for a plural project

concept, space, sound processing Paola Bianchi
choreography and dance Marina Giovannini, Rhuena Bracci, Sara Simeoni, Valentina Buldrini, Paola Bianchi
light design Paolo Pollo Rodighiero
technician Chiara Girolomini
production agar, collettivo c_a_p
thanks to spazio Genè5

WITH is the second step of the utopian creation project UNTITLED _ without title | without rights.
In the first step – WITHOUT – one female dancer incorporates five female characters of Italian contemporary literature; a performance created for five dancers, but she is alone on stage.  A choreographic research into literature is one of UNTITLED’s cue and the five female figures become here the starting point of an additional reflection on relationship between written word and action, between sense and movement, between tale and choreographic composition, between clear thinking and elusive tale.
WITH is composed by five dancing actions created by five choreographers/dancers: Marina Giovannini, Rhuena Bracci, Sara Simeoni, Valentina Buldrini and Paola Bianchi that chose the theme and consigned them some theoretical-practical indications.
Every choreographer creates a dance expressly for a place, because the five actions will inhabit five different places inside one building (theatre or not). Like in WITHOUT, the space factor is the only possibility to decode WITH’s dramaturgy, through the research into the impossibility of simultaneity of looking.
WITH is a plural work, a test act aimed at abandoning the single vision. Every dance lives its own moment.

Marina Giovannini > cab008.com  
Rhuena Bracci > grupponanou.it   
Sara Simeoni > sarasimeoni.weebly.com  
Valentina Buldrini > valentina-buldrini.blogspot.it    
WITH > 7 march 2014 Teatro Diego Fabbri, Forlì
4 april 2014 Teatro degli Atti, Rimini