choreography and dance Paola Bianchi
music Fabio Barovero
sound processing Fabio Barovero, Paola Bianchi
thanks to Ivan Fantini
production PinDoc
in collaboration with AGAR
with the support of Mibact e Regione Sicilia

Inspired by the novel educarsi all’abbandono by Ivan Fantini, S.O.N. (state of neglect) needs proximity, prefers a close sight, an intimate contact with the viewer. A postural, focused on details, precise, tiny dance. The choreography develops inside the body, inside muscles and skeleton, perpetual swing between the launch and the abandon to a fall.
The novel educarsi all’abbandono generated some images that it was impossible to hold back. Images became movement, that movement needed sound: S.O.N. was born in this way.