about the work

The notion of low definition mainly developed in the music field to show the possible combinations between precision and accident, between a written plan and a non-determined execution. The lo-fi concept is related to many dance approaches which recognized its creative potential. Lo-fi choreography is a place where highly defined projects are open to the unforeseen, to the here and now where action takes place, where particular attention is given to the unresolved.

In the performing arts field work is a term used to define either a phase or the final result of the creative process. It is related to what is presented to the audience, to what an artist decided to show. But work is also the whole process leading to a public presentation, it is what is behind, what is hidden – sometimes slightly mentioned in the performance programme, sometimes totally avoided.
Starting from the most common definition of work, which is “physical or mental effort or activity directed toward the production or accomplishment of something”, my intention is to show part of that effort by pointing out the process rather than the result, by questioning “production” mechanisms such as choreographic composition and dramaturgy.

The making of my performances always needs the precious support of people who deeply believe in my art. A moral support, as well as an intellectual contribution that leads and develops my ideas and actions, my being on stage; a kind of support that somehow becomes financial support as well. My work is supported by private citizens. LO-FI is a tribute to their presence, to their fundamental support, without which my shows would only be ideas.

LO-FI develops around two basic elements that need each other to exist: EXTERNAL SUPPORT and PRECARIOUS BALANCE.
an essential relationship
the first wouldn’t exist without the second, it wouldn’t make any sense
the second would be completely static without the first – it would probably end. deadlock

In LO-FI four supporters wil be on stage besides me, four figures that represent those who unfailingly support my art. I would like to involve people of different ages, since the group of people who usually supports me is quite varied. I’m not looking for actors or professional dancers. I’m looking for people who are aware of what the final result is, of what has to be shown. Each person should take care of a specific part of my body – my right arm, my left arm, my right leg, my left leg – while my bust and my head would be under my control. Each of the four presences will create a series of choreographic figures and patterns. They will drive my body towards a specific point, from where I will elaborate a solo starting from the concept of balance, which will be modified starting from the patterns created by the supporters. The sense of “instant lo-fi” will be constantly kept alive. Then, supporters will witness my actions and will be active part of them at the same time, through a continuous exchange which will be extended into the whole duration of the performance.

1.Creation of the choreography
In order to create my solo I would need to organize a few days workshop with volunteer supporters (four people at a time). The figures created on my manipulated body will become the starting point for the choreography based on the topic of “precarious balance”.
For this purpose, I’m looking for spaces willing to host the project and to follow the phases of its production.

2.LO-FI show
Each performance will need 3 to 5 days workshop with 4 volunteer supporters. During that period we will focus on perception and listening to their own body in order to manipulate mine. We will work on the different ways of being on stage during the show. Each performance will be different from the other. Supporters won’t have a fixed score and will be driven by their specific feelings to create new figures and choreographies.