adius utòpia

concept ivan fantini
choreography paola bianchi
installations ivan fantini
on stage paola bianchi
first video: film by serena saltarelli, editing by paola bianchi
second video paola bianchi and ivan fantini
production adius, agar
in collaboration with blusuolo III
2002 | 2012

… and we that are free beings,
one cycle we are slaughtered,
one cycle we are butchers

         G. L. Ferretti

adius utòpia is an installation of the intervention aimed at affirming the truth of the act enjoyed by and/or deniable to the individual; it is an aesthetic of the irruption which unhinges the everyday habit through reality; it is contamination of the disciplines aimed at widening the horizons in thinking/creating of an artistic act and the individual as an artist; it is the fifth-fourth on the stage with no false moralisms as ransom of tradition and creativity opposite to waste, incarnated  with the value of a status symbol and perpetuated by the new economy. Terpsichore and Gasterea broadening creations, impossible to repeat and lost forever.
The fifth/forth originating adius utòpia includes head, tail, trotter, and all the pig’s entrails, sum of some proteins often ignored, condemned and refused proteins in the name of the absurd prejudice called disgust.
adius utòpia exalts and valorises all that is remaining of a slaughtered swine, when you have cut off his four fourth. The fifth-fourth, called inferior butcher’s cut, cheap, able to satisfy alimentary necessities for everybody, becomes, for society with advanced economy, a secondary product and it supports the economical increase of first-quality cuts.
adius utòpia doesn’t support alimentary by-products, canners’ enrichment of food for dogs and cats, consumism  and deviated alimentary habits.
On the contrary it exalts tradition, when tradition creates (invents?) creativity. Ancient intuitions, memory, cultural values.
In adius utòpia the fifth-fourth’s stage-scenary is intertwined with the human slaughter house, as an aseptic, antiseptic, claustrophobic place, where every day human beings find it hard to live.